About Us

BIE is a technology focused holding company which invests in companies that solve humanitarian challenges, like water scarcity, energy insecurity, and increased pressure on natural resources due to growing population and urbanization.. Founded in 2014, our team consists of entrepreneurial investors, financial experts, and scientists who help our portfolio companies to spread their breakthrough products and technologies worldwide.

The rapid growth of new and lower cost technologies is creating abundant opportunities for innovation in the service of humanity. BIE partners with international organizations and governments to bring life-saving solutions to the people who need them the most.

Our main strength is delivering much needed technologies both to developed and to developing countries like China, India, Brazil, Mexico and CIS nations.

Companies who join our portfolio not only benefit from funding and leadership; they also forge valuable connections with other BIE backed companies. This opens up a whole new world of lucrative partnership opportunities. In addition, we can set up our portfolio companies with research funding from leading universities.