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Agritech Companies

The use of technology in agriculture to improve yield, efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental damage is gaining fast momentum. Innovators are flocking to the fields, developing solutions that would have sounded like science fiction 30 years ago. Mobile applications, aerial drones, big data and more are improving agricultural input and output processes beyond anything we have seen before.

One of our main goals at BIE is to expand our agritech portfolio with companies that focus on maximizing limited space with fewer resources, to produce healthier plants, reduce the impact of urbanization on air pollution, and enhance visual appeal. Leading our current portfolio is Vertical Field, a global pioneer of modular, vertical gardens and fields.

As our planet is becoming increasingly crowded, Vertical Field makes it possible to use empty walls, fences and rooftops in urban areas to use big advantages of vertical gardening, without seizing valuable space. With cutting edge, drip irrigation and modules design technology, Vertical Field has enabled the cultivation of plants, wheat, rice and corn in arid areas around the world.

The vertical fields are built from modular panels. Each panel is connected to a computerised drip-irrigation system which optimises growth conditions. The crops are densely planted, which allows for root migration and prevention of weed growth. Their technology enables crops to be grown with 70% less water than traditional irrigation methods.

To learn more about their products and technology,
visit the Vertical Field website.