Executive Team



Mr. Mirilashvili is the visionary behind BIE and the company’s mission to solve humanitarian challenges by investing and accelerating companies which develop clean technologies. A long time philanthropist who supports and finances many worthy causes, Mr. Mirilashvili is committed to improving quality of life on earth for generations to come.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Mirilashvili has lead numerous business enterprises primarily in the real estate, healthcare, information technology, renewable energy, agritech and new media sectors. He is the President of Water-Gen and the driving force behind the company’s clean water partnerships in developing nations.

Mr. Mirilashvili devotes much of his time and resources to a wide variety of philanthropic activities. He is the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress and has chaired several other renowned humanitarian organizations around the world.


Executive Chairman

As BIE’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Pasik leads key projects for the company, which focus on creating innovative solutions to solve the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.

Maxim began his career in 2000 as a tax advisor with Ernst and Young Israel, providing tax planning advisory services to clients with international enterprises. He eventually became a Senior Director within the company.

In 2014, Maxim was appointed as an Executive Chairman of Beer Itzhak Energy Ltd. In this position, he was involved in large-scale projects in energy, agro-tech, renewable energy, real estate and infrastructure.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Masters of Business Administration from Manchester University and CPA certified, Mr. Pasik has excellent interpersonal skills. He was a lecturer on capital markets, accounting and finance at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and Kiryat Ono College. He has been a guest on numerous television programs to discuss business and economics and has been published in numerous journals and newspapers.

Itzhak Ilan


Mr. Itzhak Ilan has vast experience in managing complex security and intelligence operations and addressing crisis situations. Mr. Itzhak Ilan is the former Deputy Director of the Israeli Security Agency (Shin-Bet), where he held various senior intelligence positions and sensitive high-security clearance roles. ‫Utilizing his vast skills gained from 30 years in ISA and his close cooperation with the Israeli Police and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Mr. Ilan provides high-level security services in various sectors for companies operating in the international arena.

Mr. Ilan speaks five languages. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Economics and Sociology from Bar-Ilan University and Master’s degree in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Mr. Ilan concurrently serves as a board member with specialized companies operating in the international arena.

Michael Rutman


Michael brings a breadth of technological knowledge with a decade serving as CTO in several large international companies. Simultaneously during this same 10-year time period, Michael managed and directed the design and subsequent launch of various consumer products.

His expansive knowledge of international marketing, online marketing, and UI/UX customization has enabled him to dispel a comprehensive and thorough analysis of market trends and product positioning across the globe.

Michael graduated with a BsC in Computer Science from the University of Derby in England.

Alexey Pood


With over 9 years of experience in finance, management and business development, Mr. Pood joined BIE in 2015. He is responsible for the finance department, contributing his vast expertise to the company’s investment activities. He also acts as an executive financial advisor to the CEOs of BIE’s portfolio companies.

In addition to his role at BIE, Mr. Pood is also the CFO of Water-Gen. Prior to BIE, he was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, where he gained extensive experience with international private companies, IPOs and public companies traded on the Israeli, UK, USA, and Russian markets. Mr. Pood is a certified public accountant in Israel and holds a BA in Economics and Business Management from Ben Gurion University.

Jacques Eshel Azueloсs

VP, Strategic Partners

From 2017

Jacques served as the CEO of BSI, Security Factor, where he has managed a range of turn-key security projects for international and multi-national clients that have included security systems, intelligence and technology. Prior to his position at BSI, he was VP of Business Development at Merhav, a company that undertakes large-scale project development.

Before joining the private sector, Jacques held various security-related advisory positions in Israel’s Prime Minister’s office. Among the roles he dealt with were operational and intelligence issues relating to counter-terrorism, technology and research.

He earned an MA in political science from Bruxelles University and an MA in security and Defense from Haifa University.