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What We Do

Alongside ‘old economy’ holdings and ventures, BIE main focus is investing in Israeli technological ventures, which aim at solving and improving humanitarian challenges, like water scarcity, and increased pressure on natural resources due to growing population and urbanization
Founded in 2014, under the leadership and vision of BIE President, Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, BIE serves as the private investments arm and services office of Dr. Mirilashvili businesses around the world, focusing on contributing substance and added value to BIE and Dr. Mirilashvili’s investment ventures, promoting and supporting the activities of these businesses ventures worldwide.

Our team consists of entrepreneurial, financial and business experts, and scientists who back up and support BIE activities and assist to spread technology ventures’ and breakthrough products in which BIE is involved worldwide, especially in establishing strategic collaborations and alliances in countries where we have established a strong network of business relations, such as Russia and CIS countries, USA, China, India, Brazil, Mexico and others.

Our close focus on the growth of new and cost effective technologies, thereby creating abundant opportunities for innovation in the service of humanity, drives us constantly to partner with international organizations and governments to provide solutions which aim to improve and save people lives worldwide.


Mr. Mirilashvili is the visionary behind BIE and the company’s mission to solve humanitarian challenges by investing and accelerating companies which develop clean technologies. A long time philanthropist who supports and finances many worthy causes, Mr. Mirilashvili is committed to improving quality of life on earth for generations to come.


BIE supports a diversified range of activities of  worldwide, ranging from promoting high cutting edge technology companies to assisting in growing and strengthening wide range of business activities worldwide, including real estate holdings and natural resources ventures worldwide.


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Maximizing data driven insights using dynamic analysis.

Innovation with the Power to Grow

We’re searching for new technologies that break convention. We believe that developing new methods for efficiently using natural resources is essential to our future, therefore an excellent investment.