Michael Mirilashvili

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Mirilashvili, the world-renowned businessman and philanthropist, is a founder of BIE and serves as its President and Chairman. The vision and mission that motivated Mr. Mirilashvili to found BIE is  to solve humanitarian challenges by investing and accelerating companies which develop clean technologies. A long time philanthropist who supports and finances many worthy causes, Mr. Mirilashvili is committed to improving quality of life on earth for generations to come.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Mirilashvili has lead numerous business enterprises primarily in the real estate, healthcare, information technology, renewable energy, agritech and new media sectors. He is the President of Watergen and the driving force behind the company’s tremendous growth .

Mr. Mirilashvili devotes much of his time and resources to a wide variety of philanthropic activities. He is a president of Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, and the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress and has chaired several other renowned humanitarian organizations around the world.

Alexey Pud joined BIE in 2015 as a CFO, and was appointed to Managing Director in 2020. He leads and promotes BIE’s activities worldwide. Alexey has over 14 years of experience in finance, management, and business development, and contributes his vast expertise to the company’s investment activities and business management. He serves as a Board Member in portfolio companies, like Watergen, Vertical Field, Energmia and Nanosono.

Prior to BIE, he was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, where he gained extensive experience with international private companies, IPOs, and public companies traded on the Israeli, UK and USA. Mr. Pud is a certified public accountant in Israel and holds a BA in Economics and Business Management from Ben Gurion University, a graduate of Excellence program at Recanati Business School in Tel Aviv, and owns an International Certificate in Corporate Finance from Columbia Business School.

Alexey Pud

CEO and Managing Director

Maxim Pasik

Senior Advisor

Mr. Maxim Pasik leads key projects for the company, which focus on creating innovative solutions to solve the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.
He began his career in 2000 as a tax advisor with Ernst and Young Israel, providing tax planning advisory services to clients with international enterprises. He eventually became a Senior Director within the company.

In 2014, Maxim Pasik was appointed as Executive Chairman of Be`er Itzhak Energy Ltd. In this position, he was involved in large-scale projects in energy, agro-tech, renewable energy, real estate and infrastructure.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Masters of Business Administration from Manchester University, and CPA certification, Mr. Pasik has excellent interpersonal skills. He was a lecturer on capital markets, accounting, and finance at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and Kiryat Ono College. He has been a guest on numerous television programs to discuss business and economics and has been published in numerous journals and newspapers.

As chief financial officer (CFO), Mr. Gavriel Levi is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions, including accounting, treasury, corporate finance, and M&A activities. He also oversees and manages all human resources and facilities activities. His career spans more than 12 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership, and corporate strategy.

Prior to joining BIE in 2020, Mr. Gavriel Levi held CFO positions in high-profile companies and acted as a senior manager for KPMG, Israel.

Mr. Gavriel Levi holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Ben-Gurion, a Bachelor of Economics and Business Finance from the University of Ben-Gurion a Certificate of Accountant from Bar Ilan University.

Gavriel Levi


Meny Bushuev

VP of Business Development

Meny Bushuev started to work with Mr. Michael Mirilashvili at 2013. As his personal assistant, he was engaged not only in the management of personal office staff and accounting system but also monitored the implementation of the strategy of various international and domestic projects carried out by the company.

Mr. Bushuev has been with BIE since the day of its foundation in 2014. He was in charge of planning and overseeing investments for the group’s activity and subsidiaries. He gained a great experience in financial management and negotiations at an international level.

Without interrupting his work in the company, he received BA degree in Economics and Management and then Masters of Business Administration degree in The Open University of Israel.

Along with this, Mr. Bushuev performs duties of Deputy CEO and treasurer of Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

Ivan Melnikov is a Legal representative and CEO of BIE Group Headquarter in China, Chief Representative of Watergen, Vertical Field and NanoSono.

Ivan is based in Shanghai since 2005, graduated Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with Master’s degree in Law. He is native level in Chinese, English and Russian and has accumulated vast experience in foreign investment field, business development, project management, interaction with media, large entities and Government in various regions of China. Good knowledge of businesses in different industries including high-tech manufacturing, financial advisement, overseas assets investment attraction, energy trading etc.

Ivan Melnikov

Director China